Stripped Double Palm Leaves

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Stripped Double Palm leaves are sold in bundles of 100 and are ready to be distributed at services. PALM STRIPS ARE BETWEEN 24"-42" IN LENGTH. ECO-FRIENDLY: Palms are cut with regard to the environment to guarantee a new crop each season. LIVING WAGE: Families from the Providence Hmong Community have prepared the palms for the last 25 years. ON ARRIVAL PALM SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM SHIPPING BOX.  STORE IN PLASTIC BAGS IN  A COOL DRY AREA THAT STAYS LESS THAN 50 DEGREES AND OUT OF SUNLIGHT. AN UNHEATED BASEMENT IS BEST IF REFRIGERATION IS NOT POSSIBLE. PLEASE MONITOR OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE  IF STORING IN A GARAGE OR SHED. REFRIGERATE IF POSSIBLE.  DO NOT ALLOW PALM TO FREEZE.  REMOVE FROM PLASTIC BAGS WHEN READY TO DISTRIBUTE.
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