The Breaking of the Bread


Handbook for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Updated handbook for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion which provides them with historical, theological and inspirational material as well as the most current liturgical directives. For three decades, An Important Office of Immense Love has been a helpful handbook for several hundred thousand eucharistic ministers. THE BREAKING OF THE BREAD is an updated version of that popular and bestselling text. While including historical, theological, and inspirational material from the original, this updated version features pertinent material from recent church documents on the eucharist: the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal, the American bishops' Introduction to the Order of Mass and the Roman Instruction Sacrament of Redemption. Highlights:--each chapter begins with a personal reflection by a eucharistic minister--offers a historical sketch of eucharistic practice--describes the inner qualities of extraordinary ministers--examines pastoral situations involving the Eucharist--lists frequently asked questions--summarizes sections in current official directives that impact eucharistic ministers

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